Bella Bizzell was a competitive athlete for 9 years, until she was forced to retire due to unexplained, relentless back pain. Her journey through more than three years of doctor’s appointments, endless tests, and a few misdiagnosis’, finally resulted in a diagnosis of Endometriosis at 16 years old. It was a difficult decision not to return to sports, but she did not want to allow this disease to define who she is. She began modeling and pageantry, which led to combining her passion for the stage and her passion to raise awareness about Endometriosis, culminating in “This Is Me Fashion Benefit”, in support of the Endometriosis Research Center.   

Held in August 2019 at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM, the “This Is Me Fashion Benefit” had a fantastic turnout with over 250 guests, 6 vendor booths, 10 silent auction items, 6 designers, and 30 models. Bella worked with countless community members to create an exciting show to break the stigma of talking about Endometriosis. 

Bella will graduate from high school this year and has applied to medical school, as she hopes to become a gynecologist, specializing in the excision of endometriosis.

Thank you Bella for all your

awareness, education and fundraising efforts! 

Thank You!